What It Is To Be A Hedge Witch

Well I have told you what a hedge witch is and you may have a good idea of what one is. But you don't know what it is to be a hedge witch that is a totaly different matter all together.So I feel it would be a good idea to tell you what it's like for me to be a hedge witch.

For me being a hedge witch has brought be a sence of life and happiness that no other path can bring.It is like for years was blind and then all of a sudden the gods turned on the lights.This probebly sounds really corny to you but I have found that most people feel this way when they have found the right path for them.

Hedge witchery gives me a feeling of connectedness that no other path can even come close to.Its as if I have fallen in love with nature.It's not just the earth either,it's all of nature the whole grand sceam of things.It all is just so beautiful to me.The idea of being pagan and not being in love with nature is just a foreign thought to me.I suppose this all just spilles over into all of my life too.

Hedge witchry for me is less about magick and more about living what you preach.I know alot of pagans are what I call weekend warriors. They are pagan on weekends and after work but no more and no less. For me being a hedge witch has given me the guts to say" I am a witch and if that is a problem too bad!"I don't push my belifes on any one but I most certanly don't hide my pentical when I go to work or when I go out of my home.I think when some one dose find that right path that they will know just how I feel.It's as if you just can't stand to have people look down on you for how you feel.


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